Daniel Petrelli


Daniel Petrelli was a promising young man, who like too many
promising young men, got into a bad crowd. He got involved with
the mafia early on, quickly earning his way up from lowly goon to
valuable henchman.

As he grew older however, Daniel began to tire of his lifestyle.
The violence began to disgust him rather than thrill him.
By the time he reached the age of 40, he knew he wanted out – but
he also knew that he was in far too deep to be able to.

In the end, he did get what he wanted. But not the way he wanted
it. The reason Daniel was so good at what he did was because he
volunteered for any job, regardless of how afraid others were of
it. Rather often, this would include going to the family’s creepy
information broker. The man was horribly disfigured, as if his
body didn’t belong inside his skin. Everyone else was horrified
and appalled by the old man, but Daniel was unphased.
This amused the old man.ยจ

On one of his last visits, Daniel happened to mention that he
wished he could get away from the Family, from this life.
The old man smiled (as best as his face allowed it) and said,
with a tone that chilled Daniel to the bone, “Wish granted”.

When Daniel returned to his boss, he was met with a massacre. The
family was decimated, its members torn apart.
He arrived just in time to see the old man rip the head of
Daniel’s boss’ shoulders.
The old man tried to suppress a laughter: “…didn’t expect you
to be back so quickly. Whoops. Heh.”
Daniel had never seen this kind of bloodshed in his life. He
panicked. He ran. He fell down some stairs and landed on
something sharp. Now he was contributing to the bloodshed.
The old man approached him, slightly annoyed with the turn of
He explained that this was his gift to Daniel. That he
saw potential in him. Of course, the piece of chair sticking
though Daniel’s chest was a setback, but only a minor one. There
was only one way for Daniel to walk out of here alive, and if he
accepted, he might not be able to look at himself in the mirror

Daniel didn’t want to die, so he accepted the old man’s offer,
never once suspecting that that last sentence was meant

After his life ended, and whatever you call this state of
existance began, the old man introduced himself for the first
time. He was Ian Machiavelli. When Daniel expressed doubt towards
whether this was his true name, he got the reply
“Our kind can’t have good faces, so why not give ourselves good names at
least…[giggle] oh! you haven’t seen your face yet have you! Here! Look!”
Ian Machiavelli held up a mirror, and Daniel despaired.

For a long time Daniel hated himself. He hated his face, he hated
what he had become, and he hated that he had been the reason for
the death of all his friends. When all of it became too much for
him to endure, he apologised to his sire and left the city.
He found that he liked the wilderness much better, because even
though humans couldn’t bear to look at him, animals didn’t seem
to mind.

He spent years out there, wandering at night and sleeping in
caves or cabins during the day. His only companions were animals
and darkness, and over time, Daniel found himself talking to
both… and then, both started talking back.
Finally, in the 90s, Daniel stumbled upon a werewolf. He barely
escaped with his life, and decided that maybe the forest wasn’t
for him anymore. So he rejoined civilisation in the nearest city,
At this point he preferred animals over humans, so he found a way
to surround himself with those he trusted: He opened up a pet
store. If he found a stray, he took it in. Recalling a poem
Machiavelli had been fond of, he named his store ‘Beasts R Us’.
To Daniels great annoyance however, humans will always love to
meddle, and it wasn’t long before the local gang showed up and
demanded “favours”. Daniel obliged, because it was easier to…
and because at this point in life he thought the idea of murdering them
to be rather appalling.
So he bided his time. And when the gang fell, Daniel had found
like-minded people, people of his kind, and together they set out to
take control of the streets. And maybe make the world a better place in the process.

Daniel Petrelli

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