Dorian Adams

Lord of the Night


A tall gaunt imposing figure. Often dressed in what would have been the height of fashion and nobility about two hundred years ago. Dorian can often be seen wearing a long red cape, with black high pointed collar. His shadow moves mysteriously, some would swear independently from his own movements. He casts no reflections. And has only been seen drinking wine.


Dorian Adams is a Ventrue who appeared in Washington DC in 1983. He claims to be of the Old World, recently awakened and seeking a new home. Sensing a great amount of power from the Kindred, the last Prince of Washington DC, decided to grant a significant portion of the Eastern side of DC to Dorian’s command. A number of eccentricities have been overlooked, in favour of his rather imposing presence and seeming limitless knowledge in regards to the cities politics.

When he was originally asked to present himself to his Clan elder, he was curious as to what these clans were. Upon hearing abou them, he elected to consider himself part of the Ventrue.

Since then he spends most of his time shut in his manor in the East Side of town, occasionally having guests, and always… always… listening to the music of the night.

Dorian Adams

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