Hitch Valerie

Teen-age Trick Turning Vampire


An attractive toy-boy youth with a penchant for elaborate sexual costumes.


Hitch was turned into a Vampire during the Reagan administration as part of a deal between the Prince and the then President of the United States. The deal granted the Prince an extension of power and access to members of the foreign council in exchange for providing a number of discrete Vampyric services for Congressmen and Senators. Hitch was one of these services.

Originally an aspiring and dedicated young intern at the House of Representatives, Hitch was selected personally by Ronald Reagan. However, Prince Vittell decided in a twist of humour that although he would fulfill the deal, he selected a prominent Malkavian, Andrew Jackson(Yes, that Andrew Jackson) to be the sire.

Although he started out as a simple prostitute and play-thing for the elites in the early 1990s Hitch has continued to gather quite a herd of powerful Senators and Congressmen to his will. Both male and female

Some rumors suggest some Presidents and visiting powers have also since partaken of Hitch’s unique services.

Hitch Valerie

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