Prince Marcus Vittel


Not much is known about the Prince of Washington D.C. Mostly rumours. No kindred can remember hearing his name in the United States until the early 1950s, when Marcus Vittel claims to have left a long torpor.

Formally, he presented himself to the then Prince of D.C., Martine. Unlike Vitel’s own method of meeting each newcomer personally, Martine used to hold-court at the Smithsonian for every Kindred who wished to enter. Many of the cainites who were there have repeated, to varying degrees of accuracy, the details presented by Vittel that night.

Giving his full name as Marcus Vittellius, he placed his embrace at 1 AD, and that he was a Ventrue who had witnessed the sack of Ancient Rome by the Brujah and Gangrel. Finally, he claimed that although he had served throughout Europe, he had finally tired of wars against the lower clans, and had crossed the great ocean over a 1,000 years ago and had rested finally nearly 300 years ago before the founding of this great city in what was then a Colonial Farmstead known as Rome. He enjoyed the irony. Prince Martine at this stage decided to test his worth and re-assert her power, as the large claims he made obviously threatened her position as Prince. She attempted to cow Vittel and draw out the truth by fixing him with significant Prescence. However, inlike most in the room at the time, Marcus was unaffected, and merely stared back at Martine with a smile. Many have said this was the moment that Marcus claimed the throne as his. However, instead, whilst Martine was still recovering from the shock of his defiance, he knelt and pledged alleigance to her as Prince, for as long as she upheld the Camarillia. It was an odd sight, as often Princes are the ones who ask Newcomers to uphold the Traditions, not the other way around.

Of course, many vampires in D.C. these days here this tale, second or third hand from those who were there.

His power was evident from the first night he rose, emerging from an underground safe-house, he quickly displayed qualities of leadership and authority which enamoured him to the former Prince. Using this position he quickly set-about changing the way things were done in D.C. and by the early 1970s turned Martine over to the Archons for her intrigues with the Sabbat. Although some have questioned the verity of these actions, suggesting Vittel himself set-up the evidence to cause Martine’s fall.

Vitel has ruled D.C. ever since unchallenged. Indeed, the city is considered one of the safest and most prosperous, despite its proximity to the Sabbat held Baltimore.

Significantly, it is known that Vitel controls a significant ghoul population within the city, some say this include a majority of the politicans, secret-service and some have even ventured that the President of the United States is under his direct sway.

Vitel has become the model example of the Modern Prince. No-one knows if he has a longer game plan within the Jyhad. But even older Vampires in Europe have refused to challenge his claim, especially given the obfuscated nature of his past.

Prince Marcus Vittel

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