Vampyric Caretaker at Arlington Cemetery


Rippa can cut an imposing figure at 6’ 7" when he stands straight backed, which isn’t often. This Cainite often shuffles around slightly hunched, hiding his impressive size. His eyes are startling turquoise orbs which shine with a moon-touched madness. They are surrounded with by a gaunt face, with sunken sockets and hollow cheeks, and a sharp nose. Often it appears as if he is wearing make-up around his eyes and lips, however, a closer inspection reveals these darkened juxtapositions against his pale skin are a natural part of his visage. The overall effect is one that inspires an intense and somehwta maniacle effect.

Often seen in a long tattered trech coat, the leather rimmed at the collar with fur and feathers. The rest of his atire is at odds with this style, a tattered chequered waistcoat, and a pair of pinstripe purple trousers held up by a pair of suspenders,one white and one black. He alternates between neon green converse and military boots. This outfit is often covered in dark reddish-brown stains, which look very much like dried blood.

He is always smiling.


Rippa is one of the few true curios of Washington D.C.

He makes his haven in Arlington Cemetery, although no-one has really identified the exact location
of his resting place. He is somewhat mercurial and weird in his habits, although he is also known to be a great source of information for a lot of the secret dealings in D.C. So much so that some have argued he must be a Nosferatu. Yet his other behaviors reek of Malkavian. For the most part, kindred have stopped questioning what clan Rippa is actually from.

Rippa is suffered by most cainites in the city as Prince Vittel has made it clear that he is to be left alone and only visited upon when invited. Even stranger, Arlington is a confirmed Elysium and Domain under Rippa’s bizzarre protection.

He turned up in Washington D.C. thirteen years ago, and the rest of his history is a mystery.


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