Sebastien Dormant

A vampyric benefactor, drug dealer, and collector of rare books.


A man of slightly above average height and looks. Sebastien is quiet, calm and un-assuming. He always wears a tailored three-piece suit and walks with a cane.

Sebastien Dormant has an expensive addiction. Books.

They have been one of the few pleasures which remain from his mortal life. Sebastien once worried when he was a young man that he would not have enough time to collect and read all of the world’s classics. Now he has all the time, he intends to make it happen.

He owns an all night rare book-store on the corner of Damen and N. Avenue. However, his real collection are locked away safely in his haven above his apartment.

His favourite author is Alexander Dumas and the prize of his collection are his first editions of ‘The Man In The Iron Mask’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’. He aspires to collect fragments of the Book of Nod and more works by Alexander Dumas throughout his new eternal life.

However, the books wants are expensive… and he is reluctant to trade his rarest books in order to collect more. So instead, Sebastien sells drugs to feed his academic additions. Well… someone had to buck the trend.

Having aided the re-settlement of the recent gang turf war in Chicago, Sebastien has joined up with a new coterie in order to make more money and expand his influence in the city. This suits him just fine. Sebastien wants his new friends, the mortals and the kindred in the city to prosper. He believes in growth and change. As such his interest in the crime syndicate is mostly to make sure it stays within moral bounds of supply and demand, rather than extortion or great evils… like the former regimes in the city.

Sebastien has gained a good reputation for resolving matters cordially. Not only this but the Primogen of the city have taken a shine to him, occasionally inviting him to weigh in on weighty matters. Whilst they might not always act on his advice, it is respected and considered. Although capable most kindred find Sebastien comforting as he has no outward ambitions to grandeur, dynasty or power… However, people respect that when the chips are down Sebastien can be a formidable opponent, one which shouldn’t be considered lightly just because they don’t have ambitions to rule. Sebastien is neutral until forced out of neutrality, at which stage woe to those who have driven him from his path of peace.

Due to his lame right leg Sebastien has two retainers. Prime amongst these is his personal assistant/live in partner/ghoul, Anya. They have been a non-serious item since he ghouled her twenty years ago. She accepts that Sebastien can never make her a vampire and has settled for a life as his best friend, lover and co-worker. She shares his passion for books.

Less important is his chauffeur McClane, who doesn’t ask questions or talk much, just drives for a healthy salary.

He has cultivated a herd from his book club across the city.


Sebastien Dormant

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