Stephen Smith

An average-height and -built man in his mid-late 30s. He wears a pair of glasses and flecks of grey hair has appeared in his hair.

Name: Stephen Smith Nature: Perfectionist Clan: Tremere
Player: Richard Demeanor: Trickster Generation: 8
Chronicle: Concept: Researcher Sire: Unknown
Strength • • Charisma • • • • Perception • • • •
Dexterity • • • Manipulation • • Intelligence • • •
Stamina • • Appearance • • Wits • • •
Alertness • • Animal Ken Academics • •
Athletics Crafts • • Computer • •
Awareness • • • Drive • • Finance
Brawl • • Etiquette Investigation • • • •
Empathy Firearms Law
Expression • • Larceny Medicine
Intimidation Melee Occult • • •
Leadership Performance Politics
Streetwise Stealth Science • • • •
Subterfuge Survival Technology
Auspex • • Generation • • • • • Conscience • • •
Dominate • • Contacts Self-Control • • • •
Thaumaturgy • • Domain Courage • • •
Resources • •
Herd • •
Bad Sight +1 Coldly Logical -1 Humanity • • • • • • •
Amnesia +2 Concentration -1 Willpower • • • • • •
Enemy +2 Eidetic Memory -2 Weakness: No level 1 Blood Bond

Thaumaturgy Path:
• • Path of Blood

• Blood Rush
• Defense of the Sacred Haven
• Encrypt Missive
• • Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion


Stephen Smith was born in 1959 in NYC. He had an ordinary childhood and after finishing his PhD in Pharmacy he stayed at the university to teach while doing research. It was actually his research that caught the attention of the person who would change his life for all eternity; his group worked on a medication that seemed promising to stop viruses spread via boldily fluids. Stephen was responsible for viruses contaminating and spreading through blood. Unbeknownst to him at the time he received several vials of Kindred vitae, which caught his attention – it was dead blood that was still alive!

Believing the blood to be contaminated with an unknown pandemic, Stephen started a vigorous research on them, with eyes peeking him from the shadows. He got very close to finding out the nature of the blood, but one day the secret was revealed; he received a mysterious email asking for a personal meeting with someone knowing about the blood samples. Shunning safety for the new knowledge the stranger could reveal, Stephen agreed to meet him in a cafe the next night.

At the meeting Stephen was only told that his research raised the interest of a group, but afterwards both him and the stranger agreed that a public place was not the best place for such a discussion. Thus they rented a hotel room for a night to talk over the matter. That was the night when Stephen has taken the Oath and was Embraced.

All he remembers is waking up in a strange place the next night in Washington D.C., with another stranger sitting by the bed. This was when his new life has begun. He was only told that he was relocated for safety issues and that this would be his new home – the chantry. Then his new studies began, new heights of power he would never have dreamed of!

Having lost his memories from before the Embrace, Stephen wants to finally find out who he is and who the person is that changed his life forever. He has no idea that someone is actually watching his every move and often misleads him his investigation. So far the clan did not reveal this fact to Stephen, for reasons yet unknown. Currently he is working on his compulsory thaumaturgical studies and in his spare time he is a passionate chemist, having found a new ingredient to experiment with.

Stephen Smith

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