Vlad DeMaio

Standing over 7 feet tall and with bulging muscles only the fool dare to challenge him. Being the master of Vicissitude, he often changes parts of his body to find the most effective weapon/armor modifications.

Name: Vlad DeMaio Nature: Conformist Clan: Tzimisce
Player: Richard Demeanor: Deviant Generation: 8
Chronicle: Concept: Car Mechanic Sire:
Strength • • • • Charisma • • Perception • • •
Dexterity • • Manipulation • • Intelligence • • •
Stamina • • • • Appearance • • Wits • • •
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Crafts • • • • Computer • •
Awareness Drive • • Finance
Brawl • • • Etiquette Investigation
Empathy Firearms Law
Expression Larceny • • Medicine • •
Intimidation • • • Melee • • Occult
Leadership Performance Politics
Streetwise • • Stealth Science
Subterfuge Survival Technology
Body Crafts • • •
Animalism • • Contacts Conviction • •
Auspex Domain Instinct • • •
Vicissitude • • • Generation • • • • • Courage • • • •
Koldunic Sorcery • • Resources
Lunacy +2 Bruiser -1 Path of Metamorphosis • • • •
Repelled by Crosses +3 Huge Size -4 Willpower • • • • •
Weakness: Must sleep next to at least
two handfuls of native soil.

Koldunic Paths:
• • Way of the Earth


Vlad DeMaio was born in Chicago in 1919 to a teacher parents. His size always put him above the crowds and attracted attention from an early age. He finished high school but never went to college; instead he started work at the General Motors. As time passed he grew fond of these machines called automobiles and gathered a significant collection of models that he still keeps in his garage. He has worked his way up slowly and never gave up his love for automobiles.
As his tasks grew, Vlad familiarised himself with the stranger clientele of the company. His work took up most of his nights while at daytime he rested. He never felt comfortable with this schedule but he liked the pay and staying close to his little stars.
One day (night) Vlad was informed of an important client visiting from Europe that he was to guide during his stay. He was the strangest he had ever met. He insisted moving about solely during the night to not upset his Europen body clock. During his stay he grew curious of Vlad. He admired both his physique and understanding of these newly invented engine-propelled vehicles. Vlad had also grown fond of the stranger, though he barely knew anything about him. When asked to accompany him on his journey around the country he immediately accepted the offer.
The Embrace took place during this journey, near Las Vegas. At first Vlad was horrified at what he had become but as time passed and his Sire taught him the ways, he found such a life appealing to him. When several years later they returned to Chicago, he felt like the world would never be the same after his Sire left. The idea to pack up and follow him popped into head a few times but this feeling became fainter as time passed.
Vlad eventually ended up exploring his possibilities; he bought a small house witha a yard that he converted into a garage. He lived there ever since, enjoying his model hobby and occasionally practicing horrific experiments in his basement. The recent change in power opened his eyes to what he would be capable of. Knowing well that without enough experience he would not be enough gaining power alone, he mated up with the Kindred in the area to take things under control.
While Vlad is generally silent and thinks before he hits, he is well aware how uneasy others – especially humans – are in his presence, which he uses to his advantage. Those muscles on him are not only for display.

Vlad DeMaio

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